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QCLUG "Linux Tech Showcase" Mock-up

posted May 14, 2014, 8:47 PM by Aaron Johnson
The QCLUG is now planning a Linux Tech Showcase to be held Fall 2014.

The Linux Tech Showcase will be the best event of the day that we hold it on – we are thinking we will host the Linux Festival with a target audience of college students. We can stalk IT faculty to promote the event and perhaps even host the event on separate college campuses. The possibility of a raffle is a way to raise some money, gather some interest, and give away a Linux beast.

The "Mock Showcase" will take place during the regular June QCLUG meeting which will be held at Icons in Rock Island.

Members and non-members are encouraged to join us and bring laptops, desktops, keyboards, mice, monitors, power cords, switches, ethernet cables, and of course Linux distribution media.

The success of the Mock Showcase will set the stage for the real Showcase in the Fall, so please help by joining us at the June QCLUG meeting and bring some hardware and a way to load your favorite Linux!